Brickers Forever

Brickers forever
Grand old fraternity
We're singing Brickers forever
Gold Brickers of the "Y"
In ninteen hundred and seventeen
The Brickers were organized.
In nineteen hundred and twenty three
The same were ostracized
For singing

We all went down to the bur—les-que
To watch the stripper go by
And who do you think the stripper was?
The president of Chi Tri!
A' singing

Mary had a little lamb
A mighty fine piece of mutton
And every time it wagged it's tail
It showed it's V. K. button!
We're singing

In nineteen hundred and sixty—one
Ernie had a ball
Goodbye to Gold Brickers and
other groups
Hello to Samuel Hall
We're singing
In nineteen hundred and seventy-nine
Tradition was kept alive
Goodbye again but not for long
Sam Hall will still survive
We're singing

(The next verses arenot commonly sung)
In nineteen hundred and twenty—eight
The Nuggets we became
In nineteen hundred and thirty—four
Gold Brickers returned to fame
By singing

The Bricker's purse, our noble curse
We've born for many years
But the Tau Sig curse is even worse
Solid bone between the ears
We're singing

The Viking shield in every field
Is known they've always said
Of course they're right, you can see
it bright on the wall of any head
We're singing

When you get to heaven
And Saint Peter lets you in
Your passport was, you know of course
The noble Bricker pin!
We're singing

The sharpest fellows in the school
To” rush us they all try
They've seen the rest
They know the best
Gold Brickers of the "Y"

We won it (songfest) once
We won it twice
We thought we’d win it again
Along came the Delta Phi
And now we're out on a limb
A' singing

In nineteen hundred and eighteen
The Brickers cast a black ball
And ever since that fareful era
Ernie's been out of it all
A‘ singing

with Social Units gone for good
We wouldn't have any fun at all
So Samuel Hall was organized
By a Bricker named S. George Sundal
By singing